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A Thief in Stickleback Hollow [Paperback] Book 1: The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow

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Publisher Mightier Than the Sword UK Publications
Language English
Format Paperback
No. Pages 158
Dimensions 15.24 x 1.19 x 22.86 cm
ISBN 978-0995146754
Weight 8.1 ounces
Genre Cozy Mystery
Historical Mystery
Amateur Sleuths
Setting Victorian England

Her arrival in England has exposed a mysterious conspiracy that stretches across the British Empire. Her parents deaths are tied to it, but will investigating it lead to her own demise? 

Lady Sarah Montgomery Baird Watson-Wentworth is still grieving her mother and father’s death at the hand of an ugly fever when she has to leave everything behind. Leaving her birthplace in India and navigating London’s stiff and starch Victorian society has only compounded her grief and brought further frustrations. An invitation to a sleepy rural estate on the border of a quaint country village seemed like the perfect escape. That is until a thief triggers events that turns everything she ever knew upside down.

Unconvinced by the fingers pointing at the surly, but handsome groundskeeper as the thief, Lady Sarah can’t help but search for the truth, with a local constable to help her in her hunt. But with shady characters lurking down every leafy lane, and a perilous secret buried somewhere in her late father’s belongings, the determined peeress could be poking a very large hornet’s nest.

Can this clever aristocrat unmask a crook before she loses her most treasured heirlooms?

If you like historical mysteries, unexpected twists and murder conspiracies, you’ll love C.S. Woolley’s captivating series.

Buy A Thief in Stickleback Hollow today and be swept away by the first of these enthralling Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow.


Book 1 in The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow.

The Mysteries of Stickleback Hollow in Chronological order:

1. A Thief in Stickleback Hollow

2. All Hallows' Eve in Stickleback Hollow

3. Mr Daniel Cooper of Stickleback Hollow

4. The Day the Circus Came to Stickleback Hollow

5. A Bonfire Surprise in Stickleback Hollow

6. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Die

7. What Became of Henry Cartwright?

8. The March of the Berry Pickers

9. The Advent of Stickleback Hollow

10. Christmas in Stickleback Hollow

11. Spring in Stickleback Hollow

12. Lady de Mandeville in Stickleback Hollow

Shorts in Stickleback:

12 Days of Christmas in Stickleback Hollow

Easter in Stickleback Hollow

The Ghost of Chillington Hall

A Night At The Opera

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