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WAR [Paperback] Book 2: The Children of Ribe

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Publisher Mightier Than the Sword UK Publications
Language English
Format Paperback
No. Pages 143
Dimensions 15.24 x 1.19 x 22.86 cm
ISBN 978-0995146754
Weight 8.1 ounces
Genre Children's Historical Fantasy
Norse Folklore & Myths
Viking Action & Adventure
Swords & Sorcery
Setting Viking Denmark

    He’s lost in a world of myths and legends. Can this Nordic fraidy cat stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his older friends in the battle against evil and make it home again?

    Riki Andersen has always followed his big brother into trouble. Overwhelmed by the dangers of a quest that are far more daunting than childhood hi-jinx. His strength lies in his wits, not in his sword. Terrified by the warriors pursing him and his companions, Riki will need more than his brother’s bravado to survive.

    As war breaks out between the clans, Riki must find his cunning and his courage. It is up to him to claim the arm ring that can bring peace back to the Danelands. But how can a boy marshal such things when standing alone against the might of a dragon?

    Can Riki and his fearless friends battle against the darkness and save their land? 

    WAR is the second exciting epic Viking fantasy for kids aged 8 to 12. Uniquely designed and formatted to engage all children, including dyslexic and reluctant readers, to rekindle the joy of reading in. If you or your child likes brave heroes, tales of wonder, gripping adventures, and fairytale-like lands, then you’ll love C.S. Woolley’s captivating tale.

    Buy WAR to face a dragon today!

    Book 2 in The Children of Ribe.

    The Children of Ribe in Chronological order:

    1. FATE

    2. WAR

    3. WIFRITH

    4. DOUBT

    5. SKANE


    7. FEAR

    8. HOME

    9. TREASON

    10. MURDER

    11. SEDITION

    12. STRIFE



    15. DECEIT

    16. REGICIDE

    17. BETRAYAL

    The Story Arc Collections:

    The Arm Rings of Yngvar (Books 1 to 8)

    The Bergkonge Collection (Books 9 to 16)

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    Reading opens the door to more than just new characters. It opens new worlds up, times gone by and can radically change lives.

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