Read Around the Clock is the online store for the publishing house, Mightier Than the Sword UK Publications. 

Our Aim

This store has been opened to get great literature direct from the authors to you! Our books and merchandise have all been created with our customers and book fans in mind, but if there is anything you want to see added to the site, please let us know through the contact us form. 


Our Focus

Our main focus it to give you the best customer experience that we can.


This is genuinely an email we have had from customer support before “I see the transaction you are talking about. I see the balance you are talking about. If you have any queries, call the credit card line” - no solutions, no effort being made whatsoever to solve our problem, and not even telling us that calling the number would solve my issue, or as it turned out, given us the correct number to call.


It drives us mad when we are trying to get help and there isn’t any way to put in an email query about our problem that is going to get a human answering it. 


Even worse is when you get a human who clearly hasn’t read your problem and is clicking a box to give you a reply that often has absolutely nothing to do with your email. 


Basically, we hate poor customer service. So our promise to you, our customers, is that you can reach us through this email with any problems that you have, any issues with your order, any questions you need answering, and not only will we read your email but we will reply to it like human beings because without you, we have no business, so we am here to take care of you and your problems, queries or even suggestions for things you would love to see us stock.