The Children of Ribe Paperbacks

The Children of Ribe Paperbacks


      The Children of RIbe is a Middle Grade series written for 9 to 12 year olds. 

      A Viking Saga that brings the culture and mythology of the Danish Vikings to life and has been influenced by Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Susan Cooper, J R R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

      Based in Denmark during the time of the Vikings, these books are tales of magic and danger, they are a modern fairy tale that brings elements of Danish folklore and mythology to life mixed with elements of Nordic culture.

      Whether you are interested in Vikings, studying them at school, or are simply shopping for the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm, the Children of Ribe series is just what you are looking for.

      The series is comprised of the follow titles in Chronological Order:

      1. FATE
      2. WAR
      3. WIFRITH
      4. DOUBT
      5. SKANE
      7. FEAR
      8. HOME
      9. TREASON
      10. MURDER
      11. SEDITION
      12. STRIFE
      13. SUSPICION
      14. ALLEGIANCE
      15. DECEIT
      16. REGICIDE
      17. BETRAYAL
      19. ALFHEIMR
      21. NIFLHEIMR
      23. VALHALLA
      24. RAGNAROK
      25. Arm Rings of Yngvar Collection (Books 1 to 8)
      26. The Bergkonge Collection (Books 9 to 16)
      27. The Rise of the Volvur (Books 17 to 24)
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